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Holistic and Healing

At Ignite Your Soul we go beyond the traditional spa

experience. We have experienced therapists and resident healers to

provide you with a wide range of holistic therapies to find grounding,

release blockages and to restore energy flow, find balance,

clarity and personal well being.

We Offer:

Energy Healing, Readings, Reiki, Crystal Healing,

Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditation and much more.

The perfect way to Ignite Your Soul.

Reiki Massage

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing that taps into the universal energy that is then channeled into your body to unlock inner flow releasing energy blocks to restore inner balance and well-being.

45 minutes $75

Cedar Body Cleanse with Reiki

Cedar is a powerful medicine used for protection.  Considered a Sacred tree, with many healing properties.

Cedar is excellent for reducing negative energy and  inner turmoil and is physically cleansing.

60 minutes  $75


A wonderful healing practice using massage and pressure points to relieve tension and pain, lift mood and well-being.


45 minutes  $45

60 minutes  $60

add Hot Stones $10

Let us create a personalized experience for you...

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Indian Head Massage

Part of the Hindu health care practice of Ayurveda, Indian head massage focuses on your head, neck and shoulders. It is a deep massage, which uses a variety of pressure and techniques that tap into your seven "'chakras" or paths of energy and encourage healing and balance 

in your whole body.

1 session 30 minutes $40

ION Foot Detox

Improve your immune system, increase brain function and energy by drawing out toxic substances and heavy metals from your body through the 2,000 sweat 

glands of the feet. 

1 session 30 minutes  $35

Ocean Drum 

The ocean drum is an instrument that can produce soothing 

sounds of the ocean.

This Vibrational healing will

take you to a place of 

peace and tranquility.  

45 minutes $75

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is one of the oldest and most natural forms of therapy known. The simplest way of communicating with the cells of our bodies is through vibration. Through stimulating our brainwaves, energy is created that in turn promotes wellness within the body.

1 session 30 minutes - $55

Guided Meditation & Chakra Balancing with Crystals

  Connection of the mind and body, will increase  inner peace and calm. Alignment of your Chakras  will 

bring calm and balance. 

30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $75

Healing and Readings 

Are you looking to connected with a loved one, or needing guidance.

Option A

Reiki Crystal Healing 

45 minute session - $75

Option B

Healing & Reading 

1 hour session -  $130.00

Option C

Medium Reading

30 minute session - $75

Option D

             Tarot & Medium Reading 

    In-depth reading guided by spirit

1 hour session  - $99

Couples Healing 

Heart to heart is a sacred 

meditation that focuses on  reconnecting a spark of love

shared between two souls.

 $85.00 per couple

60 minute session

Let us arrange a personalized experience for you...

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What our customers are saying

I feel at peace, your hands were warm and I could feel the energy flowing