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Laser Hair Removal

During an initial consultation, a personalized treatment plan is developed based on your specific needs and treatment expectations. To begin the process, a numbing topical can be administered in order to ensure optimal patient comfort. During treatment, a specialized hand held device is placed over the targeted treatment area. The advanced laser system then works to gently deliver precise light energy waves beneath the surface of skin. The energy is delivered in quick pulses that effectively target the over active hair follicles. Simultaneously, the system cooling function maintains the safe temperature of the surrounding tissue to prevent damage and support patient comfort. As the laser energy heats the targeted follicles, they are destroyed, preventing them from further producing hair. This successfully diminishes existing hair, and greatly reduces hair growth following each treatment.

Laser hair reduction treatments typically last anywhere from 15  minutes to an hour, however times may vary depending on the size of the area being treated. Multiple treatments set a few months apart are suggested in order to achieve maximum results. With each session, more follicles will be further damaged, resulting in permanent results for reduced hair

A free consultation is recommended.