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Studies have shown that the benefits of massage may be helpful for the relief of, anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress.    An exfoliating back scrub to remove dead skin cells. And finish with a hot towel  or we can customize any massage to target your areas of stress.

Your spa therapist will first warm up your muscles with light pressure before massaging the targeted area with slow strokes and applying deep pressure with the hands, arms and elbows. 

This works to release contracted muscles and tissues.

Relaxation Massage

60 min- $60

30 min-$40

RMT Massage

 60 min $105  

90 min $145 

60 min Hot stone $130

Receipt issued

Leg & Foot Massage

 Leg and foot massage is an incomparable pleasure, which not only relieves fatigue, leaves leg muscles and the body in tone, but also is a unique relaxing procedure.

Not only does leg massage make you feel good, it has significant health benefits that aid relief from stress, disease, and pain

30 min-$40

60 min -$60

Four Handed Massage

 You get massaged by two of our therapists instead of one. A session includes four hands working on the body at once. The massage therapists use a mixture of swedish and deep tissue movements, all designed to help with making the body relax.

60 min 


Hot Stone 

Combining hot stone techniques with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience.  Hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

60 min $70

30 min$50

Foot Facial with Massage

Give your tired feet some attention. 

You will receive a foot scrub, hydrating mask.  

Massage targeting pressure points  and wrapped in hot towels

$45   for 30 min 

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

The integration of relaxation and Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt naturally offers 84 occurring minerals and elements that help to revitalize the body and balance the nervous system.

Warm Salt Stones – relax the muscles and slowly penetrates deeper layers, increased circulation throughout the body, can help with arthritis,

muscle tension and chronic stress

60 min - $65

30 min -$50

Aromatherapy Healing Massage

Wellness, peace and balance in the body

An uplifting experience combining CPTG essential oils applied topically in a relaxing method, stimulating body meridians and energy zones, creating an overall wellness experience.

Can help with balance in the body, calming, soothing joints, relaxing physical tension, uplifting mood, sense of well being.

60 min - $70 

30 min - $50

Couples Massage 

Enjoy this side by side relaxation massage in our couples suite , with soft music  playing and a fireplace for ambiance. You tranquil atmosphere. Warm oils are used to massage achy muscles, leaving you both feeling peaceful and relaxed. 

An aromatic homemade scrub is applied to your back,, with hot towels  leaving you refreshed and ready to book your next service.

$120   60 min  (non RMT )

*please book two technicians*

Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy is a practice that involves briefly attaching rounded inverted cups to certain parts of the body using a vacuum effect. Some proponents suggest that the drawing of the skin inside the cups increases blood flow to the area.the negative pressure created by cups stretches muscle and nerve fibers thus increasing blood circulation. This way of cupping is massaged on your body. Relieving stress and built up aches and pains. A fully body Cupping session releases toxins and an delivers a calming  body detox. 

30 min- $55

60 min-$65

90 min (detox) -$95


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